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Welcome. I understand that you are looking to do the Ayurvedic Cleanse, for health or for weight loss.

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You Have Come To The Right Place

While you are here, grab these great recipes... by Sunita:

  • Chickpea flour pancakes; Spicy 5-fruit salad; Cardamom crepes;
    Cinnamon French toast sticks; Potato filled flatbread; Tofu Salad sandwich;
    Super duper veggie sandwich; Chicken tikka ceasar; Fresh lettuce wrap;
    Spicy tandoori tofu; Avocado salsa; Baby spinach salad with almond and
    strawberry; Pineapple mango salsa; Zuccini and potato subji; Vegetable
    biryani; Rajma stew; Butter chicken; Fruit and Yogurt Parfait; No-bake
    almond cookies; Baked apples; Rice pudding; Cardomom yogurt pops;
    Balsamic berries; Mango lassi; Flax and berry smoothie; Protein power
  • Easy to make, nutritious, and using Ayurvedic principles
  • Surprise your palate: make yourself alive with pleasure
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Sunita can teach more about Ayurvedic  Cooking
Than Anyone I know

I have been using her recipes, and even had a chance to have meals with her... what a delight.

She is also a really nice person.

Sophie Benshitta Maven
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