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If you're interested in making better, healthier food choices, you’ve come to the right place.

If you have health problems that require special diets or nutritional considerations, look no further for information about nutrition and diet and their roles in diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, cancer and lung conditions. Find answers to questions concerning your specific diet needs, whether you are an athlete or a vegetarian.

Ill health can be brought about by an imbalance of nutrients, producing either an excess or deficiency.  This imbalance over time starts to affect your body’s function.  Nutrition is the interaction between your body and nutrients found in food. Most nutrients are in some way involved in cell-to-cell signaling or are used as building blocks.

Poor diet and poor digestion is a problem that is far too common and is often unknown as being the leading cause of disease and poor health.

Intestinal bacterial flora is also very important in digestion, our body contains a population of a range of bacteria which assist in digestion and which are affected by the food we eat.



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